Learn how we rate. If you navigate back a page and place your finger in the text display area, it will have placed you in the final screen of that page or section. Even though the text appears on screen, VoiceOver does not detect it when you place your finger on the book contents section of the screen. Voice Dream Reader - Text to Speech.

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A swipe upwards will move fead2go the next screen and a swipe downwards will move to the previous screen. I have found that it offers the best solution for consolidation of digital books for leisure and academic reading.

The third button on the main reading screen is the Set Bookmark button. At the top of the Search screen are a series of four tabs that determine your type of search: These problems with VO are currently ranked number thirteen because many sighted users are posting to the forum with ideas that are less useful for us. Comment on This Article Share: VI goals and objectives Feel free to download the Read2Go app and use it with your students. Skip to main content.

Once students get a good grasp on using the Read2Go app, teachers can begin to incorporate the use of listening skills as well as reading strategies to ensure their student gleans the most benefit from using digital books.

We are evaluating other improvements for future releases. The Acapela voices are read2ho to understand, even at higher speeds. Section, Page, and Bookmark.

The Font Size screen contains the option to change the font size or restore it to the default setting. Great Tech for Cultivating Compassion.

Kids say No reviews yet Add your rating. The built-in text-to-speech voices are no longer available, but book content is now exposed to VoiceOver. From left to right they are: To post, go to the "title" edit box and press enter from there, since there is no submit button.

The search returns search results at a time; you have the option to load more at the bottom of the list. Apps for accessing audio and e-books Forum Topic - February 3, - steven carey - 1 comments. Support Does the product take into account learners of varying abilities, skill levels, and learning styles?

This is what I get for posting early impressions! English via in-app purchase. Accessing downloaded content is quite easy. I have been using the Read2Go app by Bookshare with my students for well over 2 years now.

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Read2Go App Review

Read2Go is a versatile app that allows you to read how you want to read: You can either rea2dgo VoiceOver read2ggo read the books like you would any other text on your device, or you can use Read2Go Audio, which has its own speech synthesizer. Voice over seems to read much faster than the built in speech. This will place a bookmark in your current position in the book. Searches return a synopsis for kids to read before downloading a full book.

To return to your Bookshelf, press the Cancel button, which is located below the Search bar and after the Clear Text button.

Getting Started with Read2Go

When you press a Delete button for a specific book, the program will automatically place the VoiceOver cursor on the confirm button so that you don't have to find it each time you delete a book. Is it any good?

Double tap Read2Go Audio to turn off the built-in text to speech. Switch the rotor to the Edit control, swipe down to Define, and double-tap to bring up a screen with the word's definition.

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